How to get a backyard on a small block in the location you want

Think you can’t fit in a pool on that small block of land? Don’t want to build in the outer-suburbs? Think again, because there is a solution.

New homes in Perth have traditionally been single storey, large and spacious homes built on large blocks in Perth suburbs. Nowadays, to accommodate for a booming Perth population and land becoming more scarce, land developers have been forced to decrease the size of typical blocks on sale in new land estates.

In addition, in convenient urban locations across Perth, you’ll often find land that is left over is small, and although it may fit a traditional sized home, it won’t fit a backyard.

With the dilemma of wanting a location not far out from the suburbs, yet still wanting to keep a backyard, the solution is building an Express Living Homes home.


An Australian favouite past time is backyard cricket. A backyard leaves room for sports and plenty of other activities.

Why Express Living Homes

Express Living Homes is the solution to dealing with land size decreasing, as well as those who wish to build closer to the city and in urban areas. Their specially designed two storey home designs enable you to have a spacious 4 bedroom home, while also having a big backyard. A backyard that you can fit an entertainer’s alfresco, swimming pool, garden and some extra room for an outside home gym, because with extra space comes the option to add anything you desire to your backyard.

Building your dream home shouldn’t mean sacrificing these things, but that’s usually the case when building a large, single storey home on a big block that is further out from the inner suburbs. You can still get your 4 bedroom home with a backyard in your desired location – at an affordable price.

alfresco ascari

The spacious backyard, perfect for entertaining in The Ascari by Express Living Homes Living

What makes Express different to other Two Storey Builders?

Express Living Homes Living is leading the way in building innovation. They build their double storey homes in a faster construction timeframe with sustainable materials. Their floor system, timber wall frames and timber roof trusses are made in a factory environment that reduces any excess material waste, so there will be very little rubbish onsite to get rid of. All of these factors make the construction of your new Express Living Homes not only quicker, but cleaner, organised and simplified.


Got pets? A decent sized backyard keeps them entertained and less likely to get bored.

Big Backyards

Express Living Homes is bringing back the Aussie backyard.  You get access to more desirable, convenient locations by getting a less expensive smaller block; while maintaining space for your ultimate dream backyard. The backyard is important when it comes to living the quintessential ‘Aussie’ dream. Turn on the BBQ in the alfresco, jump in the swimming pool, play with your pet, get a decent sized clothesline, play a game of cricket, or work on your latest project – the list is endless.

Pool outside Ascari

The Ascari Display Home by Express shows exactly how big the backyard is; it fits a pool!

Clever Two Storey Home Designs

Express has a clever two storey home design range that is exceptional in both zoning and expansive living. You have a choice of 10m through to 15m blocks with three or four bedrooms. To see a design that will suit you, view their Two Storey Home Design Range here.


With a backyard, you can fit in more activities and games, such as a trampoline!

For more ideas on what you could do in your dream backyard, read our Sustainable Living: 5 Things to do in your new two storey living backyard article for the tips. Need more convincing that two storey is the way to go? We explain Why Two Storey is the New Black.


Published: December 11, 2015
Author: Jade Loveridge


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