When it comes to choosing a home design, there are a number of factors to consider.

For example, do you want to choose a home design that is also customisable, so you can have your creative play with it? Or would you prefer choosing a home design that is already crafted up for you? How about the location you are wanting to build in? The size of the block you want will dictate what size home design you can choose from. Let’s not forget about how many bedrooms you require too.

Another great way to get a feel of what home design you like, is to step foot in a display home. That display home experience can be used as a benchmark to guide you.

The Ascari Two Storey Display Home by Express Living Homes Living is a stunning two storey display home in Banjup that exceeds expectations.

open living plan

Located at: 11 Wattleseed Avenue, Calleya Estate, Banjup, WA.


There are quite a few options to consider with choosing a two storey home design. To help clarify and simplify what you need to take into account when choosing a floorplan, take a look at our guidelines below:

Here are 6 Effective Ways to Choose your Perfect Home Design:

1. Decide what size home best suits you and your family.

Not every family needs to live in an expansive home and not every family will feel comfortable in a small two bedroom home. When starting to choose a floor plan, start with how large a home will suit your lifestyle. Think about how many bedrooms you will require for children (or future children?) and how many bathrooms are enough for you and guests who visit. The size of your home should be your first consideration.

2. Decide what type of location best suits your lifestyle.

Your desired living location could very much dictate what type of home design will best suit that block size. The huge advantage of building a two storey home is having an outdoor space for an alfresco and potential swimming pool.

3. Choose a home design based on your design style preference.

Every new homeowner has their own design style traits and personality. Choose a floor plan that meets your style. For example, are you more traditional and like the compartmentalised floorplans with clear, separate rooms? Or do you like modern styles with an open floorplan? This is where you also consider your furnishings and how you will decorate your home. Check out some customisable home designs here.

4. Understand what the pros and cons of your floor plan are.

No home design is without its cons – because you will need to decide what your own priorities are for the home, like what you can learn to live with or without. For example, a floor plan with a large open living plan with nearby home office might make it hard for you to work from home if the kids are watching TV nearby. Perhaps you want your home office secluded at the front entry, with the family room at the rear. This is where customisable home designs come in handy, so you can rearrange design features on your favourite floorplan.

5. Know your budget before choosing a home design.

Before getting your heart set on one type of home design, know what costs are associated with the layout you like. Ask your home builder to help narrow down to the floor plan that best fits your budget.

6. Trust your instincts on what feels right – but don’t be hesitant to ask for guidance

Take your instincts into consideration when looking at different home designs. With a wide range of styles to choose from, you will feel overwhelmed. Take your time and imagine yourself in your chosen design, following your daily activities. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the experts either.

Express Living Homes Homes has an impressive range of two storey home designs that would suit your desired location andlifestyle. Plus, who doesn’t want a large backyard to entertain with friends and family in the summertime? See The Hottest Two Storey Home Designs in Perth here.

Published: December 18, 2015
Author: Jade Loveridge


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