When building your new two storey home, one of the most difficult things to decide on can be the position of your master bedroom. Upstairs or down? Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on personal preference. Deciding where to position the master suite is more about your vision for the function of the house rather than a mathematical equation.

Some things to consider before making a final decision on your home design include the lot size and its orientation. A smaller lot size will greatly influence your decision, as you’ll need to decide how much space you want to leave for your backyard before building. Structural orientation will affect the views from the upper floor, while the solar orientation will determine whether you’ll get the morning or afternoon sun through your bedroom window.

Placing the majority of the bedrooms upstairs is an intelligent choice for families who want to get the most space out of their back yard. Thinking of a swimming pool or extra outdoor entertaining space? If you have more rooms on your upper floor, it will give you additional space to work with downstairs. But if you are yet to think this far ahead, this quick quiz might help you figure out which two storey home design best suits you.

the entertainer display home with master bedroom downstairs

Plan ahead and consider what you want from your backyard. Image: The Entertainer display home

Additionally, having the master suite on the ground floor and the secondary bedrooms upstairs allows for some peaceful separation between children and parents. This layout is also popular with empty nesters who only use the entirety of the lower floor when it’s time for the family to visit. Positioning the master bedroom on the lower floor ensures less work on your joints as the years progress, as well as less cleaning during the absence of guests.

Alternatively, a popular choice for couples and young parents is to have the majority of the rooms on the lower floor and the master suite upstairs. This favored option provides a hint of privacy and seclusion, turning your master bedroom into a luxurious retreat.

the entertainer display home master bedroom

Enjoy some luxurious privacy in your upstairs master retreat. Image: The Entertainer display home

Seeing that no one option is better than the other, the best thing you can do is to run through different future scenarios and trial alternative design options before making your final decisions.

To make designing your new home easier, Express Living Homes Living have developed the Express Home Creator. The online Home Creator tool allows you to choose from a range of options to suit your lifestyle, and your lot, helping you to customise your perfect home at the click of a button.

home-creator from Express Living Homes living

Choose from 30 design options when customising your home with The Home Creator

One of the fears people have when custom designing a home are the associated costs and the looming threat of going over budget. The Express Home Creator puts you in control of both the design and the budget as all of the combinations are priced. The first design available on the Express Home Creator, is The Explorer. Perfect for a 12.5 metres wide lot, The Explorer offers three choices of elevation and 30 floorplan combinations to design and build your two storey home, your way.

Those who fall in love with their personalised design and sign up for The Explorer package before December 17, 2016, will receive a turn key finishing package valued at over $70,000! This includes an amazing Barrier Reef Pool for your backyard valued at over $26,000, an interior design consultation with Rachel Maree Design and so much more. See here for more information on The Explorer Package.

the explorer package with Express Living Homes living

$70,000 worth of inclusions in The Explorer Package

If you are still struggling to find a home that perfectly suits your family’s lifestyle, our talented team at Express can work with you to further customise an existing home design or create a completely new design for you.

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Published: September 10, 2016
Author: Jade Loveridge


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