We’re here to help guide you on this exciting journey!

We’re here to take the hassles out of the building process and make sure it’s a great memory for you and your family for all the years to come. If there is a question you have you don’t see on the list, drop us a line and we’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

  • My Home Purchase
    • I'm thinking about building. What are my first steps?

      Dreaming about that new home build? There are two key things to think of when considering a new home build.

      You’ll need to consider the lifestyle you have and want, this will help you understand the type of home design best suited to you, so you can get the most out of your home. Secondly, and not so much fun but still very important, you’ll need to consider what your budget is.

      Once you have an idea of these, we can help with everything else, from home design to finding the perfect block of land to styling your new home!

    • Can I customise a standard home design?

      We pride ourselves in having the largest offering in types of home builds to compliment our range of home designs. We do everything from single, to double to framed, double brick, slab and everything in between.

      These are then matched with one of our home designs and we seriously have something for everyone here. From the entertainer, to the growing family and young couple. Our consultants can help create a plan to suit your lifestyle to a tee.

    • What is a variation?

      We always aim to create homes with our end client in mind, so we put ourselves in the shoes of the end client. This way we create a home design that is guaranteed to please.

      We do understand sometimes you’d like to make some minor variations to our home designs- and this is totally fine, we want you to be as happy as you can with your new home. A variation is any change made to a standard home design. This can be something as simple as adding a door or adding an additional room or features, but we’ll work with you and won’t stop till you’re happy!

    • Can I purchase an existing display home?

      Absolutely! And with perks like these why wouldn’t you want to? It’s the hassle free way to earn guaranteed rent return of around 6% for up to five years. Your home will come with premium finishing’s, landscaped gardens and backyard and a professional cleaning service a couple times a week.

      These are our display range specifications which means your’e getting all the extra trimmings and added bonus value with guaranteed rental return of around 6%, so if you decide to sell your home you’ll be getting more bang for your buck!

      Browse our display homes for sale. 

    • Can I get my block assessed?

      Yes! We love coming out to blocks of land and helping you visualise what your new home could look like.

      Plus this way you have peace of mind knowing that your builder has seen your block of land and will be able to provide you more accurate costings when it comes times to build. Just give us a call and we will organise a time that is suitable for you to come out and assess your block.

      Call 9241 1700 today for a FREE quote.

    • What are my standard inclusions?

      We are pleased to say, we have just upgraded all our standard specifications, which means you now get the premo stuff at the same affordable price. Our inclusions will depend on the type of home you are building. And you always have the option of upgrading the little things that are important to you.

      View our standard specifications range here.

    • How do I choose the right block of land?

      This can be a tricky process if you don’t have the expertise which can lead to added costs later down the track- yikes! But that’s what we’re here for! We can help you find the perfect block of land in an area you love and it means you won’t have to worry about extra costs down the track. We’ll help you find the right block in an area you’re happy with and have blocks right across Perth- so you’re bound to fins something.

      We can even assess an existing block of land you’ve seen and love.

      Call 9241 1700 today for a FREE quote.

    • What is a turnkey package?

      Turn key, can means different things to different builders but for us it’s very simple – it’s a combined home and land package that makes your home ready to move into. And with our one stop shop interior styling sessions it really is a turn key package. Perfect if you’re keen to move into your new home quickly.

      Our turn key package includes floor coverings, window treatments, air-con and raised ceilings. Inclusions on turn key packages will vary with the type of build you decide on and there is always the option to upgrade on the things that are important to you.

    • How long does a build take?

      We’d love to say we can snap our fingers and voila your home is ready, cause we want to get you into your new dream home as quick as possible, but alas quality and design takes time.

      The length of a build will depend on your chosen home design and the type of approved structural build you’ve chosen. For example framed housing has shorter lead times then say a double brick build. If you’re building a two storey you can have a mix of these with framed on top and this will reduce your home build timings.

      We will always aim to get you into your new home as soon as possible but quality and giving you the home of your dreams is the most important to us. Once you’ve settled on a home design and block of land, your consultant will be able to advice on estimated build time.

    • Can I find a home and land package with you?

      Yes! We’re passionate about finding our clients the perfect block of land to pair back with one of stylish home designs that express who you are.

      We have home and land options across Perth, whether it be the coastal life or the city life or the dream of living in the “burbs” we have you covered, and will scout out the best locations to suit your needs. Plus bonus is having a package option means you save on bank fees as you only require the one loan- it’s a win/ win if you ask us!

    • What if I love where I live?

      We’ve all been there, we love our local coffee shop or the kids have grown up with the other kids from the neighbourhood, you have your regular yoga class you attend locally.

      We can help you stay right where you are, with knocking down the old and building the new! The process is way easier than you may think. We can get the ball rolling and help you through the paperwork and answer all the questions you may have. We will be right with you through every step of the way, making the whole process pain free.

      Read about how Demo and Build works here.

  • Finance
    • I'm not sure what I can afford

      We’ll be honest finance is not the fun part of this process, while we can’t make it fun we can make it pain free. Before you sign on the dotted line, it’s important to think of all factors when considering what you can borrow. In addition to working out how much you can borrow, you’ll need to work out how much of your home loan you can comfortably repay each payment cycle. As a first step, look at your income and all your expenses, factoring in potential interest rate rises.

      Note: Borrowing capacity is usually calculated by reviewing income and expenses as well as other debt, such as car repayments, credit cards or other financial debts.

      Our in-house financial consultant will be able to assess your borrowing power and help answer any other financial questions you may have, and don’t worry there is no silly question they’ve heard it all!

      Learn more about our Finance services here.

    • What will my repayments be?

      This can vary from client to client and depend on personal circumstances. Typically repayments will depend on three key variable factors; amount of loan, interest rate and type of loan.

      It is important to understand what each of these mean and what they are before commencing your build. Our in-house financial guru will be able to make sense of all these numbers for you, but it’s also important to do your own research, talk to friends and seek external financial advice if needed. This way you know you’ve covered all bases.

    • Can Express Living help me with a home loan?

      Yes! We were serious when we said we were a one stop shop! Express Living Homes is backed by Ventura Home Group, the second largest builder in Perth, and can offer financial and mortgaging advice through V Homeloans.

      Read about V Home loans here.

  • Pre-Construction
    • When do I choose my colours and finishes for my new home?

      This is most exciting part of a build for most people! It’s when you get to pick all the little things that make your home – your home! You can make a start on this as soon as you have decided on your home design! As a starting point, be sure to take our online style quiz which will help you make a start with the type of ‘style’ you are based on a few very carefully formulated questions.

      You will also be given a pre-start selection booklet that will take you through all your options – including all inclusions. However, we encourage clients to visit our showroom before their pre-start meeting or visit one of our display homes to get ideas and understand what you want in your new home. The more prepared you are, the smoother and more fun your pre-start will be!

      Plus our pre-start consultants are qualified interior stylists so you know your house will be the best looking one on the block- inside and out!

      Our showroom: Level 8, 20 Walters Drive, Osborne Park

      Monday – Friday: 8.00am – 5.00pm

      See our Display locations here to find your style inspo!

    • When do I meet my site manager?

      You will have the opportunity to meet with your site supervisor four times while your dream home is being built. Once your site works and foundation or slab is down, your site supervisor will get in contact to organise a time to come out and meet you on site. Between your brick construction (commencing after the slab is down) and till the point of your key handover your site supervisor will be out four times with you to have a look at the progress of your dream home being built, ensure everything is running on time and smoothly and fix anything that requires fixing.

      This is a great opportunity to have a chat to your site supervisor and ask them any questions you may have about your build. While your Customer Coordinator may be your primary contact to set up these meetings, it will be your site supervisor who will meet you on site to answer any questions.

      But don’t stress, if you’ve thought of something after your meeting with them- just ring during business hours or send us an email and we’ll get back to you straight away with an answer.

      At Express we are with you every step of the way!

    • What type of build should I go with?

      There isn’t a one answer fits all with this question.

      The type of build you choose to go with, will depend on a few key factors – the home design you’ve picked that suits your life style, the block of land you have and the type of structural build that compliments both of these. If you’re unsure about any of these, your knowledgeable consultant will be able to recommend the best option(s) for you based on your life style.

    • This is my first build. What's the building process?

      Building for the first time can be a scary process- and we understand this. There is a lot to consider, but don’t stress Express Living have specialists in every area, so you’re assured the best service at every stage of your new home build.

      We start with the foundations of site works, footings and slab. Then comes the bit where you get to see your home take shape! Brickwork and roof cover are next. We’re halfway there! Then we work on the internal- tiling and finishings. And because we want to make sure you’re over the moon with your new home we give you two inspections, one to provide feedback and the second is for final review. Now’s the fun part! You get the key’s to your brand spanking new home to create lot’s of happy memories in!

    • What warranties do you offer?

      We understand you’ve just made the biggest purchase in your life, you want that peace of mind.

      At Express Living we are proud to build quality, innovative homes which is why we also offer peace of mind coverage for all our work. We also pride ourselves on top quality customer service so should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

      • HIA Lump Sum Fixed Price Contract
      • Lifetime Structural warranty (non-transferable)
      • Shire Building Dept and Water Corporation application fees
      • Housing Indemnity Insurance
      • Site contour survey and Engineer’s soil report
      • Obligation free site inspection
      • Sewer allowance – 10m past last connection point
      • Water run – 6m past last fixture
      • Six months maintenance period
  • General
    • What hot offers do you currently have?

      At Express Living, we like to keep things fresh and make sure we always have some great promotions that allow you to express who are! We always have something happening here so doesn’t matter when you check in you’re bound to find something to suit you!

      Take me to the latest offers!

      Thanks to our sister brand Link Residential who have a diverse portfolio offering across home investment opportunities and purchasing new homes, we also get exclusive access to some of the newest land estates in Perth- before anyone!

      If you’re looking for that hot property listing that’s barley hit the market, with exclusivity; head to our Exclusives pronto.

      Take me to Exclusive listings now! 

    • Why should I build with Express?

      We use innovative designs and building materials, with a strong focus on interior design, we’re proud to put stylish and cost affordable homes within everyone’s reach. At Express Living, our homes are always innovative, efficient and striking in both their design and construction to give you expressive living with affordable style.

      We’re all about you. Our team can help you discover what you really want in your home and help you achieve it. We do this by working closely with you throughout the whole process, from start to finish.

      Here’s why Express Living Homes is the best choice for you.


      Your home is your very own space. It should reflect who you are and your lifestyle. There’s plenty of cookie cutter homes out there that all look exactly the same. We want your home to stand out from the rest and reflect your style. We want to build you a home that is different, something unique to only you.


      Express can build something to suit any lifestyle! We offer a wide range of build options to suit a range of client’s needs- and if you don’t see what you’re looking for we will work with you to design something just for you. Our expertise in building range from single to double storey homes in framed, brick, slab options and mixed framed with brick- so we really can do it all! We provide one of the largest ranges for building methods in WA, so you know we’ll have something to suit you.


      We’re not about building quantity, we’re about building quality. As Coco Chanel would say, ‘Less is more‘ and we agree because it means we have the time to give more attention to each of our clients. It also means we can put more energy into creating incredible, innovative home designs just for you.


      Express is the best of both worlds- we are the boutique experience with the power of a project builder. We’re a specialist division of Ventura Home Group (VHG), WA’s second largest and most awarded home builder in WA!  Backed by VHG, Express has the buying power and trade strength to provide stylish, quality homes at affordable prices


      Express want their clients to gain ultimate satisfaction from their new home. It’s not just about creating a home design that’s a little bit different. Each home needs to look good and feel good for the client. Express live to create homes that our clients  will love and appreciate today, tomorrow and forever. We want our clients to be proud to show off their new home to friends and family and create many happy memories for years to come in their new home.


      In fashion they say dress to impress. When it comes to building a home with Express, the same philosophy applies. An Express home design surprises, inspires and excites. It makes people see the potential to apply unique and creative ideas to home building. At Express we’re not afraid to be bold and offer an alternative to other builders that play it safe with cookie cutter homes. We want to stand out from the rest, so you can.


      We love being innovative, it allows us to stretch our creative muscle, so we can showcase new ideas that keep us at the fore front of home designing. When we challenge the status quo and think differently you get something special, that’s more unique – just like you.

      To do this, we need to look outside our own backyard, by expanding the horizons of design. We take the lead by looking to the world for the latest and greatest building methods and styles. This allows us to make sure we’re able to evolve quickly to meet changing needs and environments- offering our clients a home that is beautiful and reflects them. This is what sets us apart from the rest.


      We strive to make building a new home an easy and enjoyable experience with a supportive sales team and efficient building processes with no hidden costs. While others may just build four walls, we build homes the Express way and with support for our clients through every stage of the process.

      All of our homes have that wow factor that stands out from the crowd. We deliver stylish, affordable homes that reflect the individual in ‘you’. You are not boring – so why should your home be?

      Learn more about Express Living Homes here.

    • I'd love to decorate my new home, but not sure where to start

      If Chanel was home builder she’d be us- without the extraaaavagent price tag of course! We’re all about building stylish homes that express your unique style and personality at an affordable price. This is why we offer an interior style package to complete your new home with. There are 10 different style packages to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that suits you or you can create your unique one with one of our qualified interior designers. Cause you know what they say.. beauty isn’t only skin deep- it’s whats on the inside that counts too!

      To find your style start here.

    • Is Express Living Homes part of a building group?

      Although Express Living Homes, operate as a boutique builder, so you’re guaranteed a personalised experience, we are proud to be backed by Ventura Home Group, the second largest and most awarded builder in WA.

      Proudly Western Australian, Ventura Home Group was founded upon core family values of honesty, integrity and respect. Our passion for building outstanding homes as well as our values remain unchanged to this day.

      Our long-standing reputation for excellence in design, building technology and customer service gives you the absolute best value, experience and build when you choose to partner with us and today our family has grown to include five outstanding building brands.

Ready to Express yourself?

There’s a lot more we can tell you about us and our homes — if you’re interested, let us know a bit about you, and we’d love to help you find your unique style, home design and must have items!

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