Okay we know, sometimes we see style trends at the beginning of the year, and we’re like YEAH-NAH that’s not going to stick. Then again 10 years ago, you probably didn’t expect a random person to be delivering your fave fast food straight to your door, did you?

We’re nearly half way into 2019 (can you believe it) so we thought it’s a good time for a mid-year Style check-in to see how things are going.

We’ve compiled our top 5 Style tips to keep you #ontrend #onfleek and #sohotrightnow check them out below:

1. Goodbye Minimalism and Hello Maximalism!

Wave farewell to neutral palettes and clean lines and allow us to introduce you to your new favourite thing: maximalism.

Ever seen an intriguing art piece, a vibrant throw pillow, or an asymmetrical light fixture and immediately talked yourself out of it because it ‘didn’t go’ with your décor? Pfft. Those days are over! It’s time to embrace your whims and get your eclecticism on. Think bright colours, unique fabrics, and statement pieces. The best part? There’s no ‘one way’ to do it… you do you, boo. Our tip: pick a colour you adore and use that colour to tie each piece together. There is a fine line between maximalist and hoarder though, so while you’re looking at bringing a whole mix of pieces, textures, colours, and patterns together: keep it chic, chick!

2. Eco-Consciousness Forever, Unsustainability Never

Consumers have never been more aware of humanity’s impact on the environment, and oh man is that showing in interior design trends.

How weird is it walking into a friend’s home and seeing that, omg, they have the exact same lounge as you… and the same TV cabinet… and the same dining table…? And it’s not just them, there are thousands of others who bought from the same mass-producing chain and have decked out their homes in the exact same way. Sustainable interior design does away with the copy-cats, and lets you express yourself in your own way; without harming the planet. Upcycling old pieces, using natural materials like wood and cotton instead of earth-damaging synthetic materials, and embracing your biophilia with lots of gorgeous plants, are just some of the ways to incorporate the old reduce, re-use, recycle adage into your living space.

3. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend… but Jewel Tones Are for Everyone!

Jewel tone colours have been on everyone’s radar for a while now, but 2019 is your year to embrace them!

This year’s twist on the long-running trend is to ensure you’ve got that contrast going on; your wall painting should be white (or black, if that’s your jam) to ensure those bold colours really pop. So, what the heck is a jewel tone anyway? Think emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz – deep, rich colours that add distinction and a bit of class to your interior palette. Pair these colours with some metallics, and you’ll be living in a beautiful jewellery box before you know it. Check out the gorgeous teal couch in our Shoreline Display in Scarborough: we got this jewel tone thing on lock.

4. The Bold and the Beautiful… Splashbacks?

If you haven’t worked it out yet… expressing your personality through bold, vibrant interior decorating decisions is super popular right now.

Don’t limit yourself to just lounges and rugs though; your kitchen needs some lovin’ too, and what better way to catch the eye than with a bangin’ splashback? Gone are the days of sterile, white tiles; think full-height tiled feature walls, think patterns upon patterns (geometric, anyone?), and think bright colours paired with metallic highlights. Keep your cabinetry simple and let the oft-forgotten splashback do all the talking for you.

5. Black is the New Black (and it Always Will Be!)

Matt. Black. Kitchens and Bathrooms. Do it. You won’t regret it.

There’s a reason black is considered so timeless; it pairs well with everything! That goes for your kitchens and bathrooms, too. Whether you’ve got modern or traditional style, you can incorporate black fixtures with ease. So what pieces are we talking here? Well you can deck out your wet areas with matt black tapware, sinks, bathtubs, and appliances! You could bring a little bit of sophistication to your kitchen with black cabinetry too, a little like our Lincoln Display in Piara Waters. Paired with the black balustrade and dining stools, this kitchen has massive impact; and yours could too!


At Express Living, we have a range of home designs and interior style packages ready to make sure you can find something that suits you. We’ve developed a series of style packages ready for you to style your brand new home – or you can create your own personal style with us! Take our short Style quiz to find your style we’ll create a mood board just for you and find the perfect home to match!

Find your style here!

Published: June 5, 2019
Author: murrays


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