Purchased your land? Check.

Picked a great builder 😉? Check.

Got your design sorted with your consultant? Check.

You’re all set to build your new home! We know the process has got you both stoked and overwhelmed, so we want to make things a little easier with this handy guide.

The Building Process Pre Start Selections By Express Living Homes



Before we can start movin’ and shakin’ on site, we need to go through all the fun administration stuff (which can take between 24 and 26 weeks).

  • Contracts are prepared and signed
  • The fun stuff – Prestart! Choose your bricks, windows, doors, and all the fixtures and fittings you want to express yourself – our super amazing style consultants will help with not only this, but the colours and finishes for your render, roof, cabinetry, benchtops, and flooring, etc.!
  • We submit your home to our engineers, energy assessors, Water Corporation, and the local government authority for their approval

Once everything’s approved, it’s time to build this bad boy!

The Building Process By Express Living Homes



  1.  Site Works

The kinda block you’ve sorted for yourself will definitely influence what site works are going to be needed.

Got yourself a new block in a fresh new estate? Site works will probably be pretty minimal. If you’ve bought a newly subdivided lot, things might take a little longer, especially if you need to demo, build retaining, or level the block.

  1. Slab Down

After preppin’ your foundation plumbing works, we pour your slab! This is the base of your home, so we like to get it juuust right.

  1. Brickwork

Brick by brick, we get the core of your home up! As we construct the internal and external walls, electricians, plumbers, and engineers get busy installing super important wiring and pipes for power, water, and gas.

  1. Roof Completion

Now your house is now starting to look more house-y – this is when the roof gets put on –either roof tiles or Colorbond steel. With your roof on, we’ll also get the gutters up!

Please note Double storey homes have a couple of extra stages (the first floor slab and brickwork if applicable) before we raise the roof 🙌

  1. Lockup

Lockup is when your windows and doors can be locked up (clever name, huh 😛).

As your home is now safe as… houses… plumbers, electricians, tilers and carpenters can complete their work. Plus, your kitchen, laundry, and bathroom cabinets and benchtops, tiling, tapware, mirrors,  basins, baths and shower screens are all installed.

  1. Practical Completion

This is where we get your new digs ready to be viewed by you!

By this stage, all paving, lighting, painting, air-conditioning and appliances will be installed. You’ll get to go through the whole joint with your Construction Supervisor and let them know if there’s anything needing their attention. Express Living construction can take just 12-13 weeks for our Brownstones, 6+ months for our single storey designs, 9+ months for double brick and framed and 11+ months for our double brick two-storey homes

If you’re super stoked with the house after meeting your supervisor, you’ll get to move on to the best bit…

The Long Island Elevation By Express Living Homes

The Long Island Two Storey Design


Whoomp! There it is 😍 Congratulations! Your new home is done-zo. Once we receive your final payment, you’ll get your keys.

Although building a new home can sometimes be seen as a challenging experience, it is more often a rewarding, cool and exciting journey for so many people.

By the end of it all, you get a home that is all you, baby! #proudaspunch


You’re part of the Express Living Homes family now, and family has your back! With our 6 month maintenance period, you can get in touch with any areas of concern after the house has settled!

So now we’ve laid it all out for you – let’s get started!
Get in touch today so we can get you started on your new home journey.

Published: December 10, 2019


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