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MONEY HACKS: 6 Smart ways to use your tax refund!

Just in time for Christmas in July – its Tax time! This year before you race off to blow your money on a trip to Bali, we’d like you to consider a few other ways to use your tax refund this year – a quick trip won’t compare to the life long rewards of owning […]

Palm Springs is taking off in Perth!

As featured on the front cover of the latest edition of The West’s New Homes lift out, our brand new display ‘The Palm Springs’. Inspired by the 1950s mid-century modernist theme that took off in Palm Springs, California, this home is ideal for families seeking new and fresh design solutions with a modern look and […]


This is one storey you can’t go past – our fresh single-storey collection of homes bring space, functionality, convenience and style! WHAT TO EXPECT FROM OUR SINGLES COLLECTION: The same level of luxurious specs as our eclectic range of two storey homes. The flexibility for clients to choose a style that best suits their personality. […]

The Onyx

Step into your own world of style and comfort. Our newest Display Home the Onyx opens your mind to style, practicality and those who dare to be different! Here’s why we love it: All family members can find their happy place 😊 The downstairs is all about fun, relaxation and socializing – inside and out. […]


The home entry offers a first glimpse of what awaits throughout a home, setting the style tone and showcasing personal taste. A well-considered entry can speak volume to your guests therefore make sure you keep reading to learn our top tips on creating an inviting, practical and stylish home entry. Use your space wisely Space […]

Hello Hamptons!

Making Waves in Perth Hamptons Style are so perfectly tailored to our laid-back beachy WA lifestyle so it just made sense to bring a little Hamptons style to our Display range! Why so popular? 1. Beautifully proportioned, well detailed, fresh, bright and breezy, a Hamptons home brings together traditional architecture and sophisticated coastal style. 2. […]

Something exciting is coming to ‘The Shoreline’

We will be unveiling an exciting new project later this year, an effortlessly stylish new home, ‘The Shoreline’ in Scarborough. The style of this home is new and exciting and we promise the end result will be nothing less than impressive! We are always striving to push the boundaries with unique style and design and […]

Display Home of the Week – ‘The Waterside’

The Waterside Two Storey Display Home – Located on Medici Way, Chianti Estate, Woodvale A spacious family home with a striking, functional and eye-catching design.   5 REASONS WHY WE LOVE THE WATERSIDE: 1.  A smaller lot with a whole lot of home! The Waterside is a two storey home designed for today’s smaller-sized lots. […]


Imagine if you were a FIFO worker and left your new home site as the slab was poured. Only to return back from your swing and BOOM new home! Well, that’s pretty much exactly what happened to our lovely client, Raine! Meet Raine, a FIFO worker that has successfully overseen the build of her Brownstones […]

Buying your first home – Questions Answered. (It’s easier than you think)

Tired of living with Mum and Dad? Can’t stand living in a shared house with people who don’t clean? Are you sick of paying off someone else’s mortgage? Hate rent inspections? Or just want a place of your own? Whatever the reason, it’s time to start thinking of getting your own home. Don’t worry, it’s […]

Interior Design Trends: What’s hot for 2018

If your house is in need of a refresh this year, make sure you keep reading to find out the interior trends to follow in 2018!   Colours  The obsession with millennial pink continues this year along with the introduction of gentle, pastel colours mixed in with earthy colours such as mint greens combined with […]


A popular new year’s resolution is to declutter and organise the home. We all know what an overwhelming task that can be so to ensure you welcome the year with a calm and welcoming home, make sure you follow your tips on how to banish the clutter in 2018! Start with a strategy: You are […]


Well, it’s the start of another year, and a perfect time to de-clutter and organise yourself and your home to make it a clean and fresh start to 2018! It’s always good to be accountable for your goals, we recommend writing them down and ticking them off as you complete them! Otherwise they might just […]


Christmas is just around the corner! If you’ve had no time for decorating this year, or need some last minute party prep, we’ve got you sorted!  We’ve compiled a list of our top 6  favourite ways to deck your home in style: LIGHTS Lights don’t only belong on a tree or the front of the […]


A space that is welcoming of fun, and a perfect escape from the mundane.

header blog 3 reasons to build a two storey home

3 Reasons to Build a Two Storey Home

With so many house design options for both single and double story homes, here’s 3 reasons to build a two storey home to help make the decision process a little easier.

two storey feature header

3 Features Making Your Two Storey Home More Functional

A great home should not only look good, but be functional and comfortable. Check out three great features that can help you make your two storey home more functional.

Will increases to the FHOG change the housing market in WA?

We previously spoke about 2017 being an extremely positive year in the WA housing industry. With increased confidence for investors, first and second home buyers, making this year the year to build. A key change in the property market for 2017 is the increased $10,000 First Home Owners Grant, which has been pushed to $15,000 from […]

10 Reasons why this is a good time to buy

2017 is set to be a positive year for the WA housing industry, with increased confidence for investors, first and second home buyers.

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A new season in Perth’s construction industry

We’re seeing a new season in Perth’s construction industry. Express is bringing new products to Perth’s two storey market and the locals are loving it!

express entertainer header

Express Living Homes brings Sto Render to Perth

Express sought to challenge the status quo of Perth’s traditional construction methods and implement more efficient concepts that have been successfully adopted overseas. Find out more about the innovative construction methods utilised by Express Living Homes Living.

easy functionality of the eden display home two storey design from Express Living Homes living

How functionality can increase the value of your home

Customising your structural designs are a fantastic way to personalise your home to suit your lifestyle. A highly individual design can seem like a good idea at the time, however, it can be costly both when building and selling the home. Designing a two storey house that is unique AND functional, will save you time and money in the event of resale.

narrow lot housing makes the best choice for those looking to capitalise on affordable blocks in prime location

Narrow lot housing: building for the future

The increasing cost of well positioned land means that narrow lot housing is fast becoming the way of the future. Fortunately, narrow lots provide an excellent option for cost effective land in prime locations.

staircase of the hamilton display home

Master bedrooms – should they be upstairs or down?

When no one option is better than the other, how do you decide whether to position your master bedroom upstairs or down when building your two storey home?

dont outgrow your home when your family expands

Plan Ahead – Why You Should Consider Building Two Storey

Previously, building two storey has been an unreachable goal for many Perth buyers. Now is the time for buyers looking to enter the market.

house plans with a couple closing the deal on building their new house in an existing area

How to Build in an Existing Area on a Budget

Here is a 5 step process that shows you how to understand the costs associated when looking to build in an existing area and allow you to try your hand at infill development on a budget.

Clayton Beach mindarie

Live the Coastal Lifestyle at Eden Beach: House & Land Special

Spectacular houses and solid investments. What’s not to love about Eden Beach house and land packages? Take a look at the benefits of Eden Beach living.

innovative tecbeam technology creates the express upper flooring system

Benefits of the Upper Flooring System used by Express Living Homes Living

With the objective of providing an extremely high quality flooring system, at an affordable price, Express Living Homes upper flooring system is set to revolutionise two storey home building in Perth.


Express Living Homes Living brings TECBEAM technology to WA homes

The West Australian has recently featured an article about TECBEAM, an innovative technology which is currently utilised by Express Living Homes Living in the construction of new double storey homes in the Perth metro area.

tranquility header

Meet The Tranquility, Express Living Homes Display Home in Clarkson

Located at the Catalina Estate in Clarkson, The Tranquility is a functional two storey family home that celebrates modern family living with light and airy rooms complemented by natural elements throughout its décor.

what is new in two storey home design

What’s new in two storey home design

With lot sizes in Perth’s new developments shrinking, home buyers are embracing the concept of building upwards as the cost-effective solution to maximise the space and make the most of their land.

header eden beach

Living in Jindalee, Eden Beach Estate

Eden Beach is one of the most popular coastal house and land development areas in Perth right now. Find out why this is such desirable hot spot for new home buyers and investors.

header of the entertainer

How to choose the ideal floor plan for your double storey home

From reverse, upper floor living to downstairs living, choosing the right floor plan for you and your block of land ensures you optimise your potential views and living space. See some great options of two storey floorplans here…

the ascari backyard by Express Living Homes

Which two storey home design are you?

When it comes to choosing a two storey home design, one of the most important factors to consider is your lifestlye. And selecting a home that suits yours perfectly is essential to ensure your home feels comfortable and fits your needs.

ascari bathroom featured

3 Ways To Enhance Your Bathroom Space

3 ways to enhance your bathroom space and transform your bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary.

entertainer header image

Introducing The Entertainer by Express Living Homes Living

Sere why The Entertainer is the perfect home to entertain family and friends.

hilbert drone shot

Living in Hilbert, The Avenue Estate

If you are looking for a relaxed, peaceful lifestyle with all of the necessities you require, check out what it’s like living in Hilbert – The Avenue Estate.

the ascari kitchen

5 Standout Kitchen Breakfast Benches

We have gathered 5 stand out kitchen island designs that makes the kitchen the perfect hub for entertaining.

ascari master suite

5 Ways To Create A Healthier Bedroom

Experts say we spend a third of our lives in the bedroom, so read about our 5 Ways To Create A Healthier Bedroom to ensure you’re on the right track.

The Ascari Display Home

4 Tips for Building an Energy-Efficient Two Storey Home

Help the environment and your pocket with our 4 Tips for Building an Energy-Efficient Two Storey Home.

Birds eye view of a suburb

Living in Clarkson – Catalina Estate

If you’re looking for an integrated, modern lifestyle with all of the necessities you require, look no further than Living in Clarkson – Catalina Estate.

Interior of upstairs

3 Ways to Accessorise your Upstairs Retreat

The following 3 Ways to Accessorise your Upstairs Retreat will ensure your space is optimised to the highest potential.

The Ascari by Express Living Homes

Building a Double Storey Home: Top Interior Design Tips

We have gathered our top interior design tips to help you make the most out of your double storey home

plant in a jar of money

How To Create A Sustainable Garden

See our top tips on how to create a sustainable garden that will save you money on your water and energy bills.

karnup golf course

Living in Karnup, Vista Estate

Karnup is located in Vista Estate, an established area in close proximity to the stunning Singleton Beach. Find out the benefits of living in Karnup.


5 High Tech Improvements for your Two Storey Home

Transform your two storey home into a technological hub that improves your day to day life. Here are 5 High Tech Improvements.


Top 10 Herbs For Your Kitchen

Add a burst of fresh flavour to your cooking with some home grown herbs, direct from your very own kitchen. Here are our top 10 herbs to get you started.


Living in Southern River – Bletchley Park Estate

Bletchley Park Estate is an attractive family-oriented area featuring large blocks and scenic walkways. Learn the benefits of living in Southern River.


10 Bright Ways to Save on Lighting Costs

Make small changes around your two storey home to reduce your energy use – start with lighting. Here are 10 Bright Ways to Save on Lighting Costs.


Living in Ellenbrook – Annie’s Landing Estate

Living in Ellenbrook has its benefits. Be on the doorstep of the Swan Valley with beautiful scenery and a thriving town centre.

keys hanging on a drawing pin

How To Choose Your Perfect Two Storey Home Design

Looking for the home design that best suits you? Here’s how to choose your perfect two storey home design. Get the tips.


How to Be Energy Efficient in Your Two Storey Home

Building a two storey home and want to ensure it is sustainable for the long term? Get the tips on how to be energy efficient in your new two storey home.


How to get a backyard on a small block in the location you want

Think you can’t fit in a pool on that small block of land? Don’t want to build in the outer suburbs? Here’s how to get a backyard on a small block.

house builder

Why Choose Express as Your Two Storey Builders

With many two storey builders in Perth to choose from, we tell you why building a two storey home is better with Express


Two Storey Homes Perth – Where to find the best Two Storey Home’s in Perth?

Are you looking to build a two storey home in Perth? Look no further. We’ll tell you where to find the best two storey home’s that will inspire you.

floor-plan and stairwell

Two Storey Homes Perth – The Hottest Two Storey Home Designs in Perth

Are you looking at building a two storey home in Perth? We’ve compiled the hottest two storey homes to help narrow down your choice.

Side street

Why Banjup is a Great Suburb to Live in

Looking for a beautiful suburb in Perth to build in? Located 25km south of Perth, Banjup has alot to offer. Learn why Banjup is a great suburb to live in.

young couple

Perth Two Storey Home Builders – Why Two Storey is the New Black

Building traditional single-storey homes are becoming less popular, with more people keen to build two storey homes in convenient locations. Learn more.

construction worker Silhouette

Double Storey Home Builders Perth – What to Look Out For

So you have decided you want to build a double storey home in Perth. Great! Now is the time to get informed and know what to look out for. Get the info.

home in hands

Sustainable Living: 5 Things To Do In Your New Backyard

The great thing about a big backyard is utilising the space provided. See what you can do to use your new backyard to it’s full potential this Summer.